The fitness industry has changed significantly over the last decade due to a number of factors. The reality is that fitness professionals must differentiate from the competition or they risk losing their clients to technology driven platforms.

Our platform provides you with the tools and technology so you not only increase your value proposition to your clients, but we also provide backend management software which will increase your productivity significantly.

Fitness is one of many components to overall health, but proper nutrition is the most critical factor for your clients to achieve results fast. The Nutrition Source Platform is revolutionizing the industry because we give you the ability to provide nutrition and technology solutions to keep your clients and members coming back.

Save Your Time

Increase efficiency by utilizing our technology platform. You will gain more time for coaching sessions and operational management which will turn into revenue.

Engage Your Clients

Keep your clients loyal and committed by offering them an amazing client experience through our dynamic APP features. Utilize our proprietary rewards and inventive program which will help your clients with accountability and motivation.

Increase Revenue

Maximize profits with minimum effort by providing our turnkey blood testing, custom nutritional supplements, and revolutionary APP technology.

Our technology makes the difference.

Engage Your Clients

Motivate your clients with challenges and personal communication. Keep them coming back with top-of-the-line coaching tools.

Training Plans and Nutrition Guidance

Create reusable training plan templates for every goal with an exercise database containing 3,000+ animated exercises. Easily generate personalized nutrition plans so your clients can work on their fitness in the kitchen as well.

Progress Tracking

Client assessments become easy with our progress tracking features. Accessible via the mobile app or the web platform, you’ll be able to keep an eye on how your clients are doing whenever, wherever.

Mobile Community

Use the nutrition system as an extension of your services or as an additional revenue stream by offering it as a premium service.

Manage Your Business

Put away your pen and paper, and stop struggling with spreadsheets. Automate tedious tasks and focus on the important things.

Client Management

All your client information is centrally managed in our platform. All notes, assessments and other supporting documentations are linked, so you’ll never lose a file again.

Online Payments & Invoicing

Handling your finances is a breeze with our technology. Invoices are automatically generated and sent to clients that can pay via their preferred method, whether it’s direct debit, credit card, or PayPal.

Scheduling & Booking

Instead of spending hours on the phone to process appointments and cancellations, you can let clients book their sessions through your mobile app. You’ll get updated immediately on all new appointments and cancellations.

No more double bookings, no more confusion.

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